Europe Travel Guide

Europe Travel Guide:

When you cross the street in the middle and not at the intersections were you are supposed to, it is called ‘Jaywalking’ and honestly, pretty much we all do it.

Here is the interesting observations I have made during my recent trip to Europe about the people crossing the streets/roads from undesignated places:

Scenario: 2-way roads/street with 2 to 4-lanes in total

London: People does take chances, though hesitantly. Tourists do the same.

Madrid:  People observe proper crossing at the signal and in rare case, jaywalk.

Barcelona: People does take chances in kind of careful yet casual manner.

Budapest: People crosses 2-lane streets without much hesitance yet 4 or more lanes are crossed at the designated places.

Rome: Around busy, touristic or shopping areas, 2 to 4-lanes roads are crossed with full glory, ease and casualness. Jaywalkers even give stares to the motorists warning them to slow down or stop while they cross. For some, this could be one more reason to love Rome.

Zurich: Is the city of trams so people do jaywalk but with great alertness and care. People on the street do respect and follow civic norms to a great extent. Everyone so well behaved and kind of put together.

Munich: On wide and busy roads, people do follow proper crossing, however, people do takes chances on crossing the streets around shopping areas and busy residential places where traffic speed is slow and motorists are vigilant.

A piece of advice: For jaywalking, follow the rule of land whichever city you are visiting. 

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