Global Tourism Industry Statistics, destination marketing, tourism industry

Global Tourism Industry Statistics: Destination Marketing

Tourism industry:

In this Travel Q&A series, we look into global tourism industry statistics for 2017 and try answering Damien Fletcher’s question regarding how important destination marketing is in the tourism industry.

But first, the Question:

Q:”How important is it for a destination to host events in-order to improve destination attractiveness. Is destination marketing important?” Question asked by Damien Fletcher to Shak on Quora

Global Tourism Industry Statistics, destination marketing, tourism industry
Travel Industry Outlook 2017


Hi Damien, warm greetings from I wish to Travel

Let me start with the global tourism industry statistics first, very diligently put together by Deloitte

The world of travel and hospitality has entered a new era of growth and transformation. Global business travel spending hit a record-breaking $1.2 trillion in 2015, up five percent from the previous year.

In the United States, renewed consumer confidence, along with a shift in household spending from goods to services and experiences helped leisure travel gross bookings sustain a growth rate well ahead of gross domestic product (GDP).

Healthy booking growth is projected to continue across the leisure and business fronts in 2017, but the spoils are not guaranteed to travel’s biggest or most-well-known brands.

The past few years taught established industry incumbents to never again underestimate a seemingly innocent travel startup. A combination of forces, including shifts in the global economy, game-changing innovation, geopolitical turmoil, natural disasters, pandemics, and rising consumer demands reshaped the travel landscape in 2016. Expect a similar climate in 2017.

Most smart travel leaders have come to accept this frenetic pace of disruption as the norm and must try to remain vigilant, as the winners in 2017 will likely be those most responsive to change.

Destination Marketing:

With tourism making significant impact on the Global GDPs and travel markets getting crowded with ‘new destinations’ almost every month, hosting events to promote destinations are not only essential, but imperative and critical in today’s world.

Question to ask is, can we imagine Rio without Carnival or Dubai without Dubai Shopping Festival? Answer is NO.

Destination promotion events are like hand-shaking with the rest of the world and showing what best and unique they have to offer.

It is not only a question of money or an identity for a country but also a matter of pride for its heritage, nature and culture.

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