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Quick Travel Hacks to find Cheap Flights

We all love hacks! Specially travel hacks.  This is a make or break smart stuff where you out do others and end up saving lots of money, time and space. Travel hacks covers almost all areas of travel but when it comes to finding cheap tickets and hotel rooms, it particularly become very important as this can save you some big money, helping you to extend your current trip, do lot more stuff than you would usually do in a budgeted trip or simply plan another one with the saved money. In this mini International Travel Tips series, we pick up a question and briefly cover travel hacks to grab those cheap flights.

Q:”What are some of the best travel hacks that everyone should know?” Question by Rajdeep Saha on Quora.

International Travel Tips, cheap flights, travel hacks
Travel Hacks


Hi Rajdeep, Greetings from I wish to Travel

Today I will share my 3 closely guarded travel hacks about finding cheap flights:

1 – Don’t search for tickets during office hours i.e. 9am to 6 or 7pm. Search after 8pm or later is much better. Why? Because majority of people conduct searches for air tickets during these hours making airline to keep their prices higher.

2 – While hunting for cheap tickets, keep clearing your computer memory ‘cache’ as much as possible. Why? The supercomputers of the airlines and other ticket booking sites keep a track of your searches (through cache) and keep increasing price of tickets gradually for you and so no cache, no expensive tickets.

3 – Opt for ‘price alert’ options on different booking sites and at your chosen airline so when prices drops, you would know instantly.

4 – If ever you find an unbelievably cheap fair online, buy before blinking as that moment could be your best lucky moment. An airline algorithm slip and you get lucky.

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