International Travel Tips, London Heathrow Airport, Transit Visa

International Travel Tips, London Heathrow AirportTransit Visa

Transit Visa requirement at the London Heathrow Airport.

“Do I need a transit visa if I am Indian citizen travelling from Bangalore to Madrid with a layover of 2 hours at London Heathrow Airport?” Question asked by Arul Daniel to Shak on Quora.

International Travel Tips: London Heathrow Airport - Transit Visa
Royal Palace Madrid

In this international travel tips series, we answer a query regarding transit visa requirements at the London Heathrow Airport, noting that the traveler is holding a Schengen visa.

Answer: Hi Arul, Greetings from I wish to Travel

Going by the book, it looks like you will need a DAT visa (Direct Airside Transit Visa) while transiting through London Heathrow airport. Check if you need a UK visa

But since transit time is so short (just 2 hours) most likely passengers would be escorted directly from one flight to another and so I suggest you speak to the airline and also double check with the UK consulate (or VFS Visa center in Banglore) before applying for the DAT visa.

As much as we dislike to go through these hassle, sometime we don’t have a choice.

As an alternative to the above, what I would suggest is that you give a thought to re-route your way to Madrid by:

(1) Fly directly to Madrid from Banglore or any other domestic airport (whichever connects you to Madrid directly).

(2) Have a stop-over in any of the Schengen states instead of London. Here, since you are already holding a Schengen visa you will not require any other visa for transiting through any of the Schengen states (about 26 European countries).

I hope this answer was helpful.

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