International Travel Tips, Switzerland Holidays, Cheap Car Rental Switzerland

International Travel Tips, Switzerland Holidays, Cheap Car Rental Switzerland

Switzerland Holidays

In this mini tips series, we try answering question raised by Mr. Girish Trivedi (Quora Member) regarding best time to travel to Switzerland, money and weather wise. Here we briefly cover international travel tips, Switzerland holidays, cheap car rental Switzerland.

Q: “What is a good ‘off-season’ time to visit Switzerland? When is the weather not too bad, but prices not too high either?”

International Travel Tips, Switzerland Holidays, Cheap Car Rental Switzerland
Bernina – Railway-Switzerland holidays


Hi Girish, Greetings from I wish to Travel

In comparison with rest of Europe, Switzerland is expensive by far .

Switzerland Holidays:

Best times to find some affordable prices are outside the summer months (October – November) and towards the end of winter (March – April) for Ski/Mountain resorts.

During country’s low season from November through March (for non ski-resorts), it’s easier to find deals on airfare and accommodations, while prices begin to rise again in April.

Although non-ski resorts remain affordable during winter, visitors opting to spend their Swiss vacation on the slopes should remember that the country’s ski resorts are most expensive during winter. Prices drop slightly in prices in autumn and spring.

On the other side, Switzerland’s biggest cities like Zurich, Geneva and Bern remain very expensive throughout the year since they do not rely much on tourism revenue.

Cheap Car Rental Switzerland:

One of the best way to enjoy Switzerland is by car. With its epic beauty at every corner, enjoying different places in Switzerland is highly recommendable.

There are quite few car hire rental companies providing you top class cars for as little as Euros 15 daily (average). Prices goes higher and lower depending upon car specifications, duration and city.

Car renting agencies ensure that their cars are fully capable and efficient to cope with Swiss terrain and climate.

As Indians mostly relate Switzerland with a romantic notion (thanks to its epic beauty depicted in countless Bollywood movies), my personal suggestion to you Girish would be to save up some cash and do visit Switzerland, you won’t regret it.

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I hope the above answer was helpful. I wish you a great trip. Cheeerss…Article synopsis: International Travel Tips, Switzerland Holidays, Cheap Car Rental Switzerland

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