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Kusti is India’s traditional wrestling on soil. This ancient sport used to hold great importance in Indian societies of the past and continue to be a favorite sports in rural areas today. In this mini series, we discover Kushti, Kushti wrestlers, Indian wrestlers and Incredible India snippets.

India claims one of the largest and most socially influential traditional wrestling styles in the world. Wrestling takes place in softened earth, where a ghee mixture added to the soil. The wrestlers intent on studying – and at some point competing in front of thousands of fans – are trained by gurus (coaches) in Akharas (local wrestling schools) where the wrestlers wake up as early as 4 AM for conditioning work.


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Wrestlers are also asked to restrict their diets and abstain from sex, cigarettes and alcohol. Like American wrestling it’s partly for healthy training, but also an effort by coaches to keep their athletes focused on the task of winning
their next competition. Kushti, Kushti Wrestlers, Indian Wrestlers, Incredible India

Grueling daily training, strict diet and celibacy for the duration of their careers are necessary if trainee wrestlers hope to ever achieve their dream – to become a champion ‘Pailwan or Pehelwan‘ (wrestler), which in these parts of India still means – glory, respect and power.

This article is a part of Incredible India Series and there is more to come.

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