Travel Budget, Budget Tips, Travel Budget Calculator

How to travel on a budget? Budget TipsTravel Budget Calculator

In this Budget Tips series, we learn what Travel Budget is. Unless you are flushed with money and money is not an issue, most likely you would be better off by planning and budgeting for your travel a little bit in advance. Budgeting is by far a ‘smarter’ way of travelling where you are fully aware of scope of your spending in advance. Budgeting free you from that constant worry about your expenses while you are already on the move. Today we also look at a Travel Budget Calculator which simplify the whole process of budgeting.

To begin with, lets pick up Mr. Ritaja Barai’s question:

Q:”What is a Travel Budget and How to travel on a budget?”

Travel Budget, Budget Tips, Travel Budget Calculator
Budgeting for travel
Travel Budget, Budget Tips, Travel Budget Calculator
Smart travel budget


Hello, warm greetings from I wish to Travel ….

My best recommendation is ‘to economize when you can for your trip BUT without compromising on your safety or health’.

Budget tips:

  • Instead of traveling by plane, take a bus, train or a shared transport for domestic travel or for a destination less then 500–600 kilometers.
  • Travel economy and book much in advance for low ticket prices.
  • Fly low-cost airlines.
  • If you have already collected some air miles points then use them to pay fully or partly for your tickets.
  • Avoid carrying and paying for extra luggage
  • Stay in hostels, b&b or shared apartments with free breakfast facility so you can have a big meal in the morning before setting out and can skip lunch (or opt for a bite) and have a good dinner early evening. This way, you are paying only for 1 meal in a day.

  • Carry drinking water from your hostel or b&b (In UK/Europe, a small bottle of water is expensive).
  • Buy your essentials from a supermarkets and not fancy departmental stores.
  • Visit places of interest on the days when entry is free.
  • Carry left over cough, cold, headache medicines from home, just in case you might need them.
  • Always use local transport whichever city you land and don’t hesitate asking for local/inexpensive places to eat.
  • Explore city as much as you can by walk.
Travel Budget, Budget Tips, Travel Budget Calculator
Travel Budget. Image: 123rf-com

Travel Budget Calculator:

From first time travelers to travel gurus, a travel budget calculator gives a fair idea of how much your trip is going to cost. Cost of travel is one of the most important and primary factor which determine our ability to take that trip and so it not only an essential part of our preparation but a smarter move enjoy a stress free vacation.

What’s your next trip really going to cost you? Travel expenses can add up faster than you might think. Here’s a handy budget calculator with a list of all the costs you’re likely to face on your next trip; estimate how much you’ll spend on each and then hit “Find my trip cost!” We’ll give you a customized budget for your trip that you can save, print or e-mail to your travel companion.

Broadly, a travel budget calculator help you budget or account for the cost of your air fares, , hotel or accommodation expenses, local transport, meals, sight seeing etc. etc.

One of the good ones is over here.. 

To read tons of tips and tricks, check out the Travel Q&A section of this blog and don’t forget to view the Destination Guides too. Cheeerrssss…

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