Travel Guide Thailand, 4G in Thailand, Bangkok Trip Tips

Travel Guide Thailand: 4G in ThailandBangkok trip tips

4G in Thailand:

Staying away from an internet connection on phone, specially, while traveling is nearly next to impossible. Having a local data package (wherever you travel) assures you stay connected with the world you left behind and the one you are going to explore. In all circumstances, it is always advisable to buy a local SIM card with a data package. This is always cheaper then using one from your home country (a total no. no). In this Travel Guide Thailand, we look at getting a high speed data package, 4g in Thailand as part of Bangkok trip tips!

But first, lets pick a question by Nikhil Godhwani (from Quora community) who wants to know:

Q: “How do I get SIM card in Thailand during my vacation and which is the best 4G in Thailand?” 

Travel Guide Thailand, 4G in Thailand, Bangkok Trip Tips
Thailand Tourist with local SIM Card – 4G. Image-thephuketnews


Hi, Nikhil, Warm greetings from I wish to Travel ..

Getting a SIM card is piece of cake. If your port of entry is Bangkok airport then you can pick a SIM card right out of any telecommunication operator’s Kiosk or supermarket within airport.

Top 3 players are AIS, Dtac and TrueMove (or just True).

AIS is the biggest telecom player in term of revenue and subscribers. It also has the best coverage in Thailand. DTAC is No.2 and Truemove is No.3 in terms of best 4G in Thailand. For Bangkok only, there’s no significant difference.

Travel Guide Thailand, 4G in Thailand, Bangkok Trip Tips
AIS 4G in Thailand

While using DTAC and AIS, both in Bangkok, in people experience AIS is to be more stable in 3G/4G especially when you were to purchase the one-time-off Traveller SIM. Both usually cost same around THB299 for 7 days of usage (2016).

If you are planning to travel to other parts of Thailand within 1 year from the date of arrival in Bangkok, it’s recommended to get AIS with a fixed number to avoid the hassle of purchasing another SIM package. The total cost would only be THB290 [AIS Freedom SIM (THB50) + 12 months x THB20 (12 months of activation)] with THB240 credit. The credit can be used to buy which ever AIS On-Top Packages to your need.

Travel Guide Thailand, 4G in Thailand, Bangkok Trip Tips
Bangkok Airport

There are special SIM cards to cater for tourists need at a reasonable prices (under 300–400 Bahts). They are sold as ‘7-Day Pass’ (TrueMove) and other from different operators. Facilities include data packages over 4G, international calling and free internet at their Wifi hotspots. Off course, these facilities are in addition to local call and texts etc.

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