I asked my super-friendly tour guide, “Don’t you get irritated by the silly questions tourists asks?”. He gave me a look and said, ““NO. I get irritated by the intelligent questions they ask”.

Hi, my name is Shak, 

and I always pay less then others for my trips!

I am an avid ‘budget traveler’ for last 10 years, living through my travel dreams by following the simple principle – ‘Pay less. Travel more’!!

This site is a manifestation of my long travel history and desire to share my  travel tips, tricks, guides, reviews and some unbiased opinion with other travel enthusiasts, for free.

This is also my journal of some awe inspiring travel images, news and articles which I believe you would find it useful too.

I must add that this is a Not-For-Profit website and your courtesy of sharing my website and posts on social media would validate my efforts to continue writing.

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