, reviews, hotel deals, vacation rentals Reviews: Hotel Deals | Vacation Rentals logo Reviews: was founded in Netherlands and currently owned by Priceline Group (USA). It is one of the largest hotel booking site in the world with as many as 1.5 million bookings per week! It has over 700,000 listed properties worldwide, 80,000+ destinations and about 54 million hotel reviews from real guests. They also speak 42 languages.

Homepage has a very simple query section to search for hotels by name or destination. You can further define your query by choosing ‘Work’ or ‘Leisure’ to get more specific results.

Hotel Deals:

Homepage also provide you a long list of popular destinations to book your hotels and also give you links to ‘Manage Your Bookings’, ‘Deals’ and ‘Reviews’ etc. Hotel Deals link takes you directly to pre-assembled hotels deals based on your destination. It starts with the latest weekend prices, closer to your current date and allows you to filter and add to your search. I was surprised to find 50-60% hotel deals discounts on some of the good hotels in Dubai., reviews, hotel deals, vacation rentals Homepage


Layout of the result page is pretty simple, sorted and well laid-out. You can sort your results by ‘Recommended’, ‘Price’, ‘Stars’, Distance from city center’ and ‘Review score’ parameters. You can also ‘filter’ your results by Price per night, Star rating, Deal, Meals, Property type, Review score, Facilities, Room Facilities, District and Chains. Results can be viewed in a ‘Map’ format as well., reviews, hotel deals, vacation rentals
Result Page


On selecting a hotel or accommodation, a new page opens up with pictures and details of the property. Details usually include room types, deals and booking/room conditions. Here you can choose number of rooms and proceed to ‘Reserve’.

Reservation or check-out procedure is again a very simple and intuitive user interface. At this point you can add guest details and select additional free/paid services to your booking. You can also add special requests if any. A click on Continue button will take you to entering your credit card details for a guaranteed reservation and finally a last click on ‘Book this room for <total booking price>’ will confirm your booking and email you the reservation confirmation.

Vacation Rentals: offers over 631,403 vacation rentals and it keeps growing by day. Vacation rentals offer space, amenities, comfort and value, hard to find in some typical hotel experiences. One can search for full home rentals, serviced apartments condos, villas, beach rentals, cabins, cottages, and many other accommodation types.
How It Works:
  • Search: Find the perfect place for your next trip.

  • Book: Found something you like? It’s yours! Instant approval, the way it should be.
  • Enjoy: Connect with your host to ensure a warm welcome – then let the fun begin!

Although I like the overall user interface at; one thing I strongly disliked is the random appearance of popup notifications on different pages. These notes tell you about ‘prices going up’ and the ‘occupancy at destination city is filling up fast’ etc.

This is an old age, retired tactic to pressurize users to book fast and should be stopped to keep booking experience pleasant., reviews, hotel deals, vacation rentals
Pop-up messages

One more area of improvement I would like to see is an improved ‘Sort by’ toolbar. Currently users can only sort by 1 parameter at a time i.e. sorting by either Price, Stars or Distance from city center etc. I would like to see that they allow users to combine at least 2 parameters together like Price and Stars or Price and Distance from city center etc.

Personally, I have made several bookings through and think it is a great booking site.

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