Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium, Belgian Visa,Brussels Travel Guide

Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium | Belgian Visa | Brussels Travel Guide

This is an ‘Extended’ Brussels Travel Guide for travelers from UAE. As visa procedures are mostly standardized globally; information covered in this guide shall give you a fair idea about visa procedures for Brussels, irrespective of where you are traveling from. In this guide, we learn about Belgian Visa and Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium.

Belgian Visa:

Embassy of Belgium in Abu Dhabi issues the Schengen (Belgian) visas.

Visa application process consists of 3 stages, all of which are paper-based and in-person:

  1. Download Visa Application form from the Embassy website and get an appointment by calling the specified telephone number of the Embassy. Beside Application form, prepare all other documents and picture as per the guidelines provided at the website. This is a paper-based application system. Application has to be typed or hand written clearly.
  2. Visit Embassy on the day of your appointment and submit your application form along with your passport and other required documents (usually, a letter from the company, 1 passport pictures, 3 months bank statement, hotel and flight bookings, travel insurance, copies of UAE residence permit, copy of previous Schengen visa, if applicable).
  3. Pay applicable fee (Aed 306 exact).
Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium, Belgian Visa,Brussels Travel Guide
Floralia Brussels

Short Term/Tourist visas are usually issued for 6 months. Consulate will issue a Schengen visa which will entitle you to enter all Schengen states, however in this case; your first point of entry or longest stay must be in Belgium.
Visas are generally processed and issued in 3 weeks time however it can take longer depending on season and special cases. It is highly recommended that you apply with sufficient time in your hand.There are no defined criteria on how much money you should have in your bank account in order to apply for the visa, however, as long as your bank statements indicate that you are financially comfortable and have enough to travel and take care of yourself in case of any medical or other contingencies, you are good to go.

Note: Information provided in this guide is for general purposes only and should be considered as ‘indicative’. For more ‘definitive’ visa information, you shall refer to respective embassy websites only.

Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium:

Quite a few airline options with 2015 airfares trend for an Economy Class, Return ticket appears to be as follows:

Departing Dubai, with 1 stopover: Between Aed 1,750-2250.
Non-stop between Aed 3681-4,235
Departing Abu Dhabi, with 1 stopover: Between Aed 1,650-2550.
Non-stop between Aed 3090-3955

Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium, Belgian Visa,Brussels Travel Guide
Museum of Fine Arts – Brussels. Image: Photoshelter

Above prices seems to be pretty stable throughout the year.

Cheap flights to Brussels Belgium, Belgian Visa,Brussels Travel Guide
Palace Interior – Image: Pinterest

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