International travel guide, New York City, MoMA, Broadway

International Travel Guide: New York CityMoMA, Broadway and lot more

New York City:

The epicenter of the business, culture, heritage, history, dining, arts and shopping, New York (or Big Apple) is a trendsetter with many crowns. It offers irresistible feast for all. In this international travel guide, we dive into New York City and explore its soul. While there are many synonymous to reckon with New York city, MoMA and Broadway are mention worthy.

The Arts / MoMA:

In New Yourk, you’ll find museums on every niche, from fin de siècle Vienna to immigrant life in the Lower East Side, and sprawling art galleries filled with postmodern American painting, Himalayan textiles, Japanese sculpture and New York City lor, just to name a few. The Guggenheim, MoMA (Museum of Modern Arts) and MET (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) are just the beginning of a long list of epic art-world icons. For current and future greats, a look into the cutting-edge, state-of-the-art galleries of Chelsea and the Lower East Side, with their exceptional exhibition spaces and several festival opening-night parties are something to cherish.

International travel guide, New York City, MoMA, Broadway
New York City – MoMA

The Evening / Broadway:

By the evening, New York transforms into one grand stage as it witness the sun sinks slowly beyond the Hudson river and luminous skyscrapers light up the city. This is a city of ballet, poetry readings, burlesque, world-music, jazz, experimental theater, comedy, indie cinema and just so much more.

As the evenings takes its glory, world-famous actors and artists take to the legendary theaters of Broadway same as countless musicians, dancers and soloists went performing at venues large and small across the town. From embracing high or  low cultures,  New York embraces it all: From in-your-face rock shows at Williamsburg dives to posh opera productions at the Lincoln Center, and everything in between. If you can dream it up, it is most likely happening in New York City.

International travel guide, New York City, MoMA, Broadway
NYC – Broadway

Culinary Capital:

From gourmet food-truck scene to dining more traditionally at one of NYC’s 20,000+ sit down restaurants, by all means, New York takes the cake as Gourmet Capital of the World.

There has never been a better time to dine in New York then now as the city has become a hotspot of seasonal as well as locally sourced cuisines. More and more restaurants growing their own vegetables on roof gardens or their own farms and sourcing meats and seafood from sustainable outfits..From coffee roasting and whiskey distilling to chocolate- and cheese-making; restaurants are embracing ‘artisanal’ everything with huge passion. Particularly, bars have also taken creativity to new heights altogether, with pre-Prohibition-era cocktails served alongside small delectable plates. In fact, Gastropubs are some of the best and most creative places to get a fine meal these days.

International travel guide, New York City, MoMA, Broadway
NYC – Culinary Capital

Urban Wanderers Dream:

New York City is an urban wanderer’s delight, littered with ‘eye-candy’ of all sorts; be it atmospheric booksellers and curio shops, architectural treasures, or Old World cafés. Experiencing vibe of different continents is as easy as walking over a few avenues in this city over 200-plus nationalities.

You can easily lose yourself in the crowded streets of Chinatown, while walking through brightly painted Buddhist temples, fragrant fishmongers, and steaming noodle shops and, then stroll up to ‘Nolita’ area for some ever inviting boutiques, coffee-tasting events among the craft-minded folks.

Every neighborhood in New York City offers a dramatically different version of the city – from meandering cobblestone lanes of Greenwich Village to the 100-year-old Jewish delis of the Upper West Side, it is all so different yet enchanting.

For wanderers who love to experience a city up close and personal, it is an experience like none other.

This is Why I Love New York!

While there are so many reasons to fall in love with New York, People has always loved the vibrant energy of this mega city.

You would find creativity everywhere in the air; from beautiful work of art filling the city’s galleries and impeccable performances taking place in concert halls, to restaurants, with ever more inventive mash-ups of global cuisines.

Just with a swipe of a mere MetroCard, you can visit colorful neighborhoods at Queens that contain an astonishing variety of cultures and ethnicity. That’s why, for New Yorkers, it is impossible to leave all these beautiful virtues of the city and live somewhere else.


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