International Travel Tips, Emirates Post, Emirates Post Calculator

International Travel Tips: Emirates Post | Emirates Post Calculator

In this international travel tips series, we pick a question regarding ZIP codes in Dubai and learn about Emirates Post (the official postal services provider in United Arab Emirates) and it’s widely used Emirates Post Calculator.

But first, let’s take a question;

Q: “What is the ZIP code of Dubai?” Question by Sweets India on Quora


Dubai has only P.O. Box numbers (Post Box numbers) and no ZIP codes.

PO Box numbers are assigned by postal authority (Emirates Post) and bought by individuals and companies alike.

There are no Postman or Mailman in Dubai which, unlike other countries, delivers mail to your doorsteps. All mails has to be collected from your assigned mailboxes or from post offices. Usually, most people use their company PO Box numbers and receive their mails on their desk (collected by then company driver/other personnel).

For those who prefer to have their own post boxes, they go ahead and rent a box from Emirtes Post. Rent is paid annually. Below is the image of stack of private/rented post boxes.

International Travel Tips, Emirates Post, Emirates Post Calculator
Post Boxes in Dubai

Emirates Post:

In United Arab Emirates, the ‘Emirates Post’ is the official postal operator for the country and it is a subsidiary of Emirates Post Group.

Emirates Post was established back in 1909 and was managed by the Indian Post Office Services until India’s independence in 1947.
In 1972, under the Ministry of Communications, the General Directorate of Postal Services was formed and the postal services started its operations.

Emirates Post Group was established in 2007, with Emirates Post, Empost, EDC and Wall Street Exchange becoming subsidiaries of the Group.

International Travel Tips, Emirates Post, Emirates Post Calculator
Emirates Post – Dubai

Emirates Post Calculator:

Emirates Post Rate Calculator is one of the best e-services provided by Emirates Post and widely used in Dubai to find the cost of your parcel you intend to send.

Basic information like weight, dimensions, origin and destination, item value etc. has to be added in the online form to get the cost/quotation.

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