kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels

Kayak.com Review: cheap flightscheap hotels

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels

Kayak.com review

KAYAK.com processes over one billion queries for travel information each year and available in over 30 countries in 18 languages. It is one of the most favorite and widely known travel booking site.

The user interface of homepage is very clean and simple with a warm effect of orange color layout. Beside conventional features of any other good search site, it has neatly incorporated ‘Calendar’ view and ‘Explore’ feature within their homepage.

‘Calendar’ view helps you view the prices across the month and ‘Explore’ automatically give you prices for different cities from your current location. Seriously, it can’t get any better!

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Explore

Cheap flights:

KAYAK does not sell tickets but conducts one of the best searches in the industry and provide you results in a simple, clear and intuitive manner where you can easily apply filters to your liking. Once you decide on an itinerary, it provides a drop-down list of sellers (with different prices) to buy your ticket from.

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Flights Price Select

On the result page, some exceptional features include Advice, Flight Quality, Layover Airports and Travel On:


Based on your search results, KAYAK provides you very useful ‘advice’ whether you it is a good time for you to buy a ticket or not. It reads as below:

“Prices may rise within 7 days

80% Confidence: Our model has been 80% accurate on forecasting whether these fares will rise or stay within AED 74 of the current price over the next 7 days. The forecast is based on analysis of historical price changes and is not a guarantee of future results.”

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Advice

Flight Quality:

Helps you filter your results under tags like Show Red-eye, Show Hacker Fares, Hide duplicate code-shares and Hide longer flights.

Layover Airports:

Helps you sort your results under Layover Duration and Flight Leg. This is my personal favorite feature as it helps you make best use of layovers; I will teach you later how to do it.

Travel On:

This feature is for spoilt travelers where you can narrow your results based on Wide-body Jet, Narrow Body Jet, Not a plane or helicopter! I love it.

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Flight Quality, Layover

While KAYAK is my personal favorite, there 2 areas where I would love see improvement:

  • Although it allows you to modify your trip requirement data right at the top of your search results, it does not allow you to re-select between Single/Round/Multi trip on the same page. To do so, one needs to go back to homepage again.
  • Advertisements are made to look like an ‘actual result’ and are placed within the results are bit misleading.
kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Ads

Overall, one of the best travel booking site in the industry.

Cheap hotels:

Kayak searches hundreds of other travel sites at once to help travelers find the perfect hotel. Lots of options to Save 25% or more combined with millions of verified guest reviews.

The hotel search interface is very neat and intuitive. It helps you search hotels based on number of stars, price range, guest rating and final prices with or without taxes and fees.

The bottom part of serves you some of the best US and world destinations with options to choose hotels, flights and cars.

kayak.com, review, cheap flights, cheap hotels
Kayak Hotels

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