London Travel Guide, London hotels, Food in London, London Transport

London Travel Guide: London hotels, Food in London, London Transport

London Travel Guide:

One of the world’s most historic and visited destination, London has something for everyone: from culture to history
and from fine food to just plain good times, London has it covered. London is deeply multi-cultural, with 1 in 3 Londoners foreign-born, representing 270 nationalities and 300 tongues. These cultures season the culinary flavors on London’s streets, the often exotic clothing people wear and the music they listen to. London’s diverse cultural dynamism makes it among the world’s most international cities. In this London travel guide, we learn all about London hotels, food in London and London transport.

The British Museum, Victoria and Albert Museums have collections as varied as they are magnificent, while flavors at centuries-old Borough Market run the full gourmet and cosmopolitan spread.

London is a tireless innovator of art and culture. It is a city of ideas and the imagination. Londoners have always been fiercely independent thinkers (and critics), but until not so long ago people were suspicious of anything they considered avant-garde. That’s in the past now, and the city’s creative milieu is streaked with left-field attitude, whether it’s theatrical innovation, contemporary art, pioneering music, writing, poetry, architecture or design. Food is another creative arena that has become a tireless obsession.

London Travel Guide, London hotels, Food in London, London Transport

London City Vibe:

Classy, trendy, sophisticated, easy, fun, and overall social.

Whatever your niche is, be it art, culture, history, science, fashion, food, technology, music, clubbing or plain insanity, London will most likely surpass your expectations.

London not only offers you plenty in every area of your interest but it also offers you ‘world’s best’ or sometime ‘world’s only’ experiences in variety of areas. London is also known for its ‘eye candy’ factor and you would know when you reach there. Weather could get tricky from time to time with dry-to-cloudy-to-rainy all within an hour.

London Travel Guide, London hotels, Food in London, London Transport
Millennium Bridge – London

London Hotels:

London hotels prices has wide range depends on the amenities and location. Below are the average hotel prices: 

2 Stars:  $82-95 |  3 Stars: $95-125 4 Stars: $125-205 | 5 Stars: $250 and above

Average hostel prices for a dorm room could be minimum $27 and above.

Alternatively, one can also explore other bed and breakfast and apartment/room share options available in the city.

London Travel Guide, London hotels, Food in London, London Transport
London Bus and Telephone Booth

Food in London:

London offers widest range of food within easy reach almost everywhere. Though prices for the food in London are a bit steep but portions are reasonably bigger in size.

A good sandwich-on-the-go may cost you around $5 or more. A satisfying Asian or English lunch can be between $10-13 and a proper sit-down restaurant with table service can cost you easily around or over $35 per person.

Off course, you can knock yourself out with incredible food experiences if money is not an issue.

London Travel Guide, London hotels, Food in London, London Transport
Buckingham Palace – London

London Transport:

London transport offers some of the best modes of transport available in the world. London is divided into 9 travel Zones. Zones 1 and 2 are in central London and have most tourist attractions. Zone number increases as you go further away from the city center and Zone 6 to 9 are considered as outskirts of the city.

In London, Metro or Subway is called “Tube” and it is the most sensible and economical way to travel around London. The best option for tourists is to buy an “Oyster Card” which covers transport on Tube and over ground transport like Buses, Trams etc.

A 2 days Visitor Oyster card would cost you around $32.50 and a 4 days card would be around $66 for the unlimited travel within specified zones.

Single journey during off-peak hours costs around $3.60 while it goes up to $4.60 during peak hours.

Alternatively, you can also buy a 7 day TravelCard costing around $54.50.

Taxis are expensive.

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