Orbitz reviews, cheap hotels, cheap flights

Orbitz Reviews: Cheap hotels | Cheap flights

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Orbitz Reviews

Orbitz.com is one of the most leading US based travel booking site with substantial market-share in the industry.

The homepage offers you options to book Flights, Hotels, Packages, Cars, Cruises, Deals and even ‘Activities’ in different combinations. I personally liked the option to book ‘Activities’ as not many sites have this feature. The results of the ‘Activities’ differs based on your destination city.

Cheap Hotels:

Homepage is primarily dominated by the hotels, vacation deals and information on different destinations. Here, you can find cheap hotel deals under Hotels, Packages and Vacation Rentals. Orbitz also offers ‘Insider Prices’ which can save you in access of over 50% of regular prices.  Page also offers Today’s’ Deal and This Week’s Top Deals, making it a very convenient starting point.

Cheap Flights:

You can find cheap flights with multiple options right away. There is is Today’s Deal and Flights Under $ 200 placed conveniently to start your searches. I think flights under $ 200 is a great option to explore plenty of options available at a budgeted price.

Flight booking has all the conventional options like One-way, Round-trip and Multi-city with 3 days before/after flexibility and stop preferences.

To give a spin, I tried a non-US sector (Bangkok-Tokyo return, direct flight) and results turned out pretty alright.

Orbitz reviews, cheap hotels, cheap flights
Orbitz Homepage

The results are presented in a ‘return journey’ format with ‘Filters’ clearly laid-out on the page.

Just above the flight matrix, you have ‘Change search’ option which opens a small window to modify your query without having to leave the current page; again a good feature. However, ‘Flexible Dates – Search +/- 3 days’ option actually disregard all the current results and take you back to the homepage to re-enter your search!! This is a downer.

Orbitz reviews, cheap hotels, cheap flights
Search Result Page

The checkout procedure is the longest in comparison with other booking sites but, for all the good reasons. Checkout offers you multiple options to add hotels, cars, cell phone with roaming, SIM cards and activities etc. to your trip. Additionally, it also offers you Orbit Reward Cards with $50 credit at the end.

Orbitz reviews, cheap hotels, cheap flights
Checkout page

Overall a great site if you are booking from US.

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