Maasai Woman: African safari park africa safari tour best luxury safari mara htel travel africa safari

Maasai Tribe: Travel Africa Safari, Mara Hotel, Mara Safari Camp

Travel Africa Safari, Mara Hotel, Mara Safari Camp

Maasai Woman: African safari park africa safari tour best luxury safari mara htel travel africa safari
Maasai Women | Travel Africa Safari, Mara hotel, Mara safari camp. Image: trendhunters

Kenya has over 58 National Parks and Game Reserves and so finding a destination that blends well with the Masai Mara should is not at all difficult. Depends on your interests and duration of your trip, there are different itineraries that can take you to different parks together with the Masai Mara. Selecting right Mara hotel, Mara safari camp, travel Africa safari and well curated Africa safari tour are far easier and enjoyable then you can imagine. African safari park is a must-have bucket list travel item for every travel enthusiast. Travel Africa Safari, Mara Hotel, Mara Safari Camp.

If you want to maximize on the time spent seeing the wildlife then a ‘fly-in safari’ would be ideal, as you will fly to your destination which will considerably reduce travel time and give you most memorable Arial view of the whole terrain.

If your focus is luxury and you’d like to relax and get pampered then a lodge safari and luxury safari Kenya would be your ideal choice.

Out of 58 national parks and game reserves, some parks are great for bird watching, such as the lakes found on the Rift Vally such as Lake Baringo, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. And you might also like to combine your visit to the Masai Mara with a beach holiday.


The Maasai tribe is one of the most iconic tribes in the world for their history, culture, bravery and way of life. This is ethnic group lives between southern Kenya and northern Tanzania.

Some of the main reasons for their popularity is due to their inhabitation near many game parks of the African Great Lakes and their distinctive customs and dresses.

The Maasai speaks Maa languge and a few speaks Swahili and English as well.

The Maasai population has been reported as numbering around 1 million and they continue to live their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle.

Many Maasai tribes throughout Tanzania and Kenya welcome visits to their village to experience their culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

Every good Mara hotel and Mara safari camp provide exclusive excursions to interact with the tribe. Best luxury safari will ensure a more personal and direct interactions with the locals.

Music and (jumping) dance:

Maasai music and dance traditionally consists of rhythms provided by a chorus of vocalists singing songs while a song leader sings the melody. The song leader is usually the singer who can best sing that song and several individuals leads a song.

On the certain occasions, women chant lullabies, humming songs and songs praising their bravery of their sons.

Most song/dance rituals are performed with their iconic jumping moves which as memorable and mesmerizing.

Maasai Jumping Dance: African safari park africa safari tour best luxury safari mara hotel travel africa safari
Maasai Jumping Dance: African safari park Africa safari tour best luxury safari Mara hotel travel Africa safari. Image: ifly-klm


The Maasai herd goats and sheep, including the famour Red Maasai sheep, as well as the more prized cattle.Traditionally, the Maasai diet consisted of raw milk, raw meat, and raw blood from cattle. Vegetables makes up a small portion of their diets and are used mostly for traditional soups.


The shelter structure is formed of timber poles fixed directly into the ground and interwoven with a lattice of smaller branches, which is then plastered with a mix of sticks, grass, cow dung, mud, human urine and ash.

Travel Africa Safari, Mara Hotel, Mara Safari Camp
Maasai Men. Image: Flickr


Red is a their favorite colour. Blue, black, striped, and checkered clothes are also worn. In 1960, The Maasai began to replace animal-skin, calf skin and sheep skin, with commercial cotton clothes.

One of the iconic features associated with Maasai tribes are their ‘Beadworks’ and body painting. Both of these items of vanity signifies identity and position in their society.

Unlike other trips, travelling to Africa and specially to Maasai and safaris have that intense feel of adventure associated with it and planning your trip won’t be difficult at all. Just a simple search of terms like travel Africa safari, Africa safari tour or African safari park shall give you plenty to choose and select from.

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Travel Africa Safari, Mara Hotel, Mara Safari Camp

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