Travel Inspiration, The Albatross

Travel Inspiration, The Albatross: Most unique features of these feathered giants are:

  • The longest wingspan of any bird—up to 11 feet (3.4 meters)!
  • Can glide for several hours without rest
  • Can live up to a whopping 50 years!!

Albatrosses feed primarily on squid or schooling fishes and sometime hover around ships to pick on some food.

Most albatrosses are found in Southern Hemisphere: Antarctica, Australia, South Africa, and South America. 

Only 3 albatross species (the Short-tailed, Black-footed and Laysan) are found exclusively in the North Pacific (Hawaii, Japan, California and Alaska).

Fun Facts about The Albatross for Kids:

  • Albatrosses drink salty sea water. If you drank sea water, you’d become very sick.
  • Albatrosses eat fish and squid. Sometimes they follow boats to eat garbage.
  • Eskimos hunted these giant birds.
  • Albatrosses gather together in large colonies to mate. Albatross moms usually lay one egg. Both the moms and dads sit on the eggs and take care of the hatchlings.

The Albatross Q&A:

Question: Can baby albatrosses fly?

Answer: Baby albatrosses learn to fly when they are several months old. They head out to the ocean and don’t come back for five to 10 years, or until they are ready to mate.


Question: Are albatrosses endangered?

Answer: Of the 22 species of albatrosses living on the earth, 19 are in danger of becoming extinct. Pollution and loss of habitat are two reasons. Another reason is that albatross often eat plastic bottles, toothbrushes and other items thrown in the ocean.

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Image: National Geography Expeditions.

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